Who Am I?

Who Am I and what am I trying to Accomplish?

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I am also an ideas person,
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This website continues to develop on a weekly basis. Page 2, Credit-Protector features a consumer advocacy call to action against the credit card insurance program called "Credit Protector". Credit-Protector now has its own website called Credit-Protector.com.

Page-3, Credit Card Cap , is equally important. Credit Card Cap also has its own website called Credit-Card-Cap.com. Both Credit-Protector.com and Credit-Card-Cap.com will help you see the importance of fighting against devious financial programs that afflict millions of americans. Apparently, credit card debt has now become a worldwide financial plague! If you aren't interested in learning about either Credit-Protector.com or Credit-Card-Cap.com, then there is no point in reading on.

Welcome back from my other consumer oriented websites. Did Credit-Protector and the website I have added called Credit-Protector.com outrage you just a bit? Did you take a moment to reflect on how this one "insurance" program is unfairly siphoning money away from millions of americans? Even if you believe that it's up to every person to take care of themselves, should we allow "rule of law" to be replaced by "rule of unfair law"?

Should we allow people to not have the right to opt out of an agreement when either side changes terms upon an already agreed upon contract?

Should the intellectual elite continue to set up programs and policies that literally may be robbing your very own family, friends and neighbors? I started this website back in November of 2007, before any of the mortgage and credit card problems had really been publicized.

What did you think about Page-3? Did you also check out Page-3's affiliate website Credit-Card-Cap.com? Do you see how easy it would be to "fix" all of the credit card shenanigans currently going on? You can check out my curriculum vitae (cv) at Slingshotpro.com.

A sample of my recent editing work for "In Defense of Animals" called "The Animals of Katrina" at Slingshotpro.com which was a finalist in the 2007 Artivist Awards is no longer up. Additionally you can check out my IMDB Credits, AllExperts.com, All Experts Questions Answered by Alessandro Machi, My Comments, My Editorials, and my eBay Guides.
I've donated a lot of my time to writing on AllExperts, Oped Editorials, eight Ebay guides and several film and video forums. The eight eBay Guides that I have written are designed to give out helpful information for free, and they now have over 46,500 views.

All told I have probably contributed over 6,000 responses to film and video production questions on several forums without ever being compensated. I mention this to create a frame of reference that most of what I share, I share for free because I believe the knowledge will either be useful to others or will provide an additional, somewhat unique perspective.

The Shareamillion program enables me to return the entire amount that is being loaned back to the donor. the five year loan will allow me to pursue several consumer advocacy causes at the same time.

After the five years is up, the million dollars is returned and the donor will have proved instrumental in making real change happen in todays world where people seem to be loyal only to those who deeply pad their pockets.

  Several Ways you can become involved.

I am an unpaid watchdog for the consumer when it comes to credit card company practices and procedures.

In the future, I desire to figure out a way to become a paid credit card watchdog for the consumer. One who actually designs new credit card programs that are fair to both the banks, and the consumer. What a concept! For now I will continue to fight for all those afflicted by out of control credit card programs.

I believe I can expose several examples of what I call "mathematical injustices" in our system of governing that leads to the middle class being separated from their wages at an ever increasing and alarming rate. Hidden taxes disguised as fees and interest charges are one of the main culprits. By exposing these overly aggressive financial schemes I believe the court system can be used to return millions of dollars in refunds to the american consumer.

This particular website, shareamillion.com has been created so that I can connect with others who are also fed up with "the system" and want to connect with me, and in the process make a difference.

One of my goals is seeking a one million dollar, interest free, five year loan. This loan will be paid back in its entirety five years after it has been given. This will allow me to spend most of my time on my fight for fair credit card practices, and, fighting against elder endangerment that I witnessed first hand by taking care of my elderly parents the past few years.

Ironically, if someone had taken me up on my offer when I first made it, they would probably be way ahead in terms of how their money was being held versus how it may have been invested over the past year and a half.

I have already begun the credit card battles at DAILY-PROTEST.com even without a donor. What Chase Bank and the credit card industry is currently doing to over a million of their best customers is worthy of an FBI investigation.

I also have started pursuing four different elder endangerment situations that I witnessed both my mother and my father go through in the past couple of years.

I may have to give up on some of these fights because I can't find any lawyers that will work with me unless I pay them a hefty retainer. I have even offered a generous payout upon winning with creative payment structures so the lawyer gets their expenses back as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, even when I find a lawyer who is interested, they get pressured by other attorneys in the same law firm to not take the case because it is not a sure thing.

I originally came up with the share a million concept on my own but have since found others that advocate this form of a temporary donation that eventually gets returned to the donor in full. Charityvillage.com


Throughout my life I have always wondered what was the best way I could make a positive impact on society. Not getting married was probably one of them. (I knew it would have torn me up to have to decide between fighting social unfairness or quality time with the family). I have been told by people who know me that I should have become either a lawyer, a personal manager, or a politician. I think they felt this way because they liked my ideas and my ability to see both sides of a situation.

Shareamillion.com is the place where I try to level the playing field in the United States between americans and the intellectual elite who first create jobs and opportunities for the rest of us, but then play a game of questionable takeaway with our income.

Example, ALL interest rate charges and fees are taxes, yet the public has been misled into believing that interest rate charges and fees are not a form of taxation. Ironically, if someone negotiates a reduction in their credit card debt, the IRS considers that a financial gain, and TAXES the deduction. Proof that interest rates and fees are a form of taxation.

Example, Hospital bills paid via credit cards should be free of interest charges. While the powers that be try to conjure up a comprehensive healthcare plan for everyone, it would be amazing to immediately create a law that makes all medical bills free of interest charges. Give the hospitals an additional tax break for the money owed to them that isn't collecting interest. It is a simple idea and it immediately helps anybody with health related bills.

These are just two examples of ideas that I would like to pursue more strongly.