Fix Local Laws

Paying out Millions of Dollars because City Workers Mistreat Each Other.

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Local Government is out of control! I will give some examples of what is going on in Los Angeles.

Courts are allocating public monies to pay restitution for intradepartmental squabbles including bickering and fighting between city employees! A firefighter is "tricked" into eating dog food and gets a 1.5 million dollar settlement. The award does not come from the firefighters pension fund, nor does it come from the firefighting operating budget, instead it comes from the City general fund! This in turn causes local government to create new taxes to make up the new deficit.

Could you imagine getting into a fistfight with your brother or sister and afterwards suing them for your injuries, and then collecting a nice big fat settlement from the city? Don't imagine it, it actually happens in Los Angeles on a yearly basis as departmental "brothers" and "sisters" figure out ways the system that pays them a salary, vacation, and pension monies also has harmed them into receiving a "settlement", from you and me.

This "sue-a-palooza" loophole needs to be closed. If there are interdepartmental fights and lawsuits, let those departments solve it from their own pool of pension money. The firefighter who received such a large settlement had taunted and ridiculed a fellow firefighter who was almost a foot shorter during a volleyball game.

The shorter firefighter figured since the taller man liked to be called "The Big Dog", he would mix in some dog food into his spaghetti as payback for being reminded how much shorter he was. The 1.5 million dollar payout the "big dog" received was more than what families receive when a loved one is murdered, or when someone is raped.

Dare I ask if the volleyball game was on city time? Was the city of Los Angeles paying firefighters to play volleyball and then allow them to sue as a direct result of playing a volleyball game on city time?

If we're going to allow the "big dog" to sue and win, should not the shorter individual be allowed to sue as well for on the job harrassment by the "big dog".

Let me just state something here, EVERYONE, including myself, loves firefighters. They probably have one of the noblest jobs on the planet. No matter who you are, the odds are if a fire happened you would look at the firefighters who show up to put out the fire as heroes. But giving out 1.5 million dollars (plus a million in legal fees) does nobody good, especially those who will ultimately get taxed one way or another to make up for the inevitable shortfall in the city coffers that will inevitably follow.

  Pre-estimated Quarterly Taxes Help Create Government Deficits.

Pre-estimated quarterly taxes have to be one of the craziest taxes ever assessed. Forcing people to pay taxes on money they have not yet earned is not what we do in a free country, yet that is how many states lord over their populace, including small businesses that are just trying to run a business that provides employment to a small group.

Each state receives funding from multiple sources including income tax, sales tax, property tax, and estimated business tax, fuel taxes, phone taxes, city services taxes, and many many others I do not know about.

However, by forcing small business to prepay estimated business taxes, the state then spends money that has yet to be generated.

This pre-estimated quarterly tax may be the very reason a state goes into the red so easily. If a state only spent tax money after it actually was created, the state could do a better job of staying within budget. Right now they have a built in excuse. "Oh, we thought more money was coming in, but we were wrong".

Just as there are few guarantees in life, by relying on money that has yet to be created the State ends up spending money they do not have, and every couple of years finds itself in need of creating new tax schemes.

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