Judges Oath

Why Aren't Judges Sworn in Like the Rest of Us?

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From time to time, some very surprising pro corporate decisions are decreed by judges. Was that judge sworn in in the courtroom prior to residing over such a trial? The answer is probably not.

In my opinion an excellent way to prevent a judge from being manipulated behind the scenes is to require that the judge take a "Judges Oath" in the courtroom before they sit down and preside over any case. If a judge has sworn under oath that they have not been manipulated or consulted with outside of the court by either side, then if later on it was proven that they had consorted with either side they could be more easily removed from the bench. More importantly, publicly swearing they will tell the truth grants the judge more resolve to remain brave should their ethical standards be challenged by nefarious forces.

How can we all accept a judicial system that requires all of the people in the courtroom to agree to tell the truth, the whole, and nothing but the truth, yet the judge can basically preside over the court as if he were above the law? Perhaps because the current system in place has never been properly challenged in court. What attorney would risk raising the ire of the entire legal system by challenging judges to publicly be sworn in? It probably would take an outsider to challenge the system. In my opinion all judges should required to be sworn in in front of the entire courtroom stating they have not been influenced outside of the courtroom.

Seeing the judge sworn in in front of the entire courtroom and all those set to testify may actually help reduce lying among all those set to testify.

  Do Local Judges Actually Enforce Unethical Laws?

Did you read about the freeway drivers who purchase state issued freeway transponders so they can legally use toll roads? The drivers provide a credit card which is automatically billed on a daily basis. However, if that credit card expires or there is some other problem with the card, or even with the transponder, some governmental agency begins fining the unsuspecting driver HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS EVERY TIME THEY DRIVE ON THE TOLL ROAD! The unsuspecting driver has no way of knowing they are violating the law until their next bill arrives in the mail.

By the time the bill arrives, the driver could owe as much as a hundred thousand dollars! Since the driver assumes they are automatically paying their freeway toll bill, they may not even open the bill right away, which may make the amount they owe climb to an unbelieveable amount!

Whether or not they open the bill right away, the unsuspecting toll road "bandit" could already owe the government 100,000 dollars or more simply because an automatic financial transaction has ceased to operate normally. (If this doesn't make your blood boil you aren't human). One vet's wife accidentally ran up a huge bill because of an expired credit card and they had to take a second mortage on their home! A vet being exposed to enemy gunfire in unproperly shielded vehicles gets blindsided by a slimy system back home that shoots financial bullets at him and his wife. Somebody should go to jail for this.


The City of Glendale's fire department sent out annual letters telling one family to trim back their trees from their home. Tree trimming helps create a fire wall further away from the house which allows the firefighters to better fight fires and fight them in a safer manner. Because the trees were on an endangered tree list, the family was supposed to get a 25 dollar permit first, as was stated in VERY TINY print on their notice.

Instead the family paid 3,000 dollars out of it's own pocket to have approximately 20 trees trimmed back. The city of Glendale, California has now billed this family over 300,000 thousand dollars in fines! You should be aware and perhaps afraid of a system that "protects it's own" and divides and conquers the rest of us. I'm kind of in a bind with this website. If I use fear tactics, like telling you about the two true stories just above, that can be seen as being manipulative on my part. If I don't reveal these stories to you, you might not take my concerns seriously nor seem them as relating to your own situation.

But as time goes on, we are all being brought to boil like the proverbial frog by the rich elite.