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If you have found this page without first reading page two, please read page two called "Credit-Protector" or as I call it, Debt Creator, as it will put into proper perspective what I am trying to do.

For me to attempt to overturn hurtful financial policies created by the intellectual elite, I will need the financial assistance of one donor. My request is unique in that I am not actually asking for anything more than a zero percent loan.

A one million dollar, interest free, 5 year loan will allow many amazing things to happen. I won't actually spend any of the one million dollars you loan to me. I will use the interest payments only to advance my causes and pay my monthly debts. The sharing of one million dollars will allow me to devote vast amounts of time preparing and submitting documents to both state and federal governmental agencies. These documents will request that possibly lawbreaking policies and programs created by financial institutions and local governments be overturned. My goal is to correct some deceitfully thought out financial schemes that are harmful and transparently unethical to americans. I believe I can be successful with my idea because most of them are based on sound mathematical principles.

If I am successful in my quest, the results could see significant refunds and rebates going to Americans. Besides pursuing refunds for American Citizens,'s other goal is to rescind several questionable practices that create unnecessary "financial gotcha's" against the american consumer. I believe it's time to create a fairer landscape for how the american consumer is treated by our business elite. If after four years I'm not able to achieve any positive results, that too will tell an interesting albeit dark tale about american politics and would probably also make for an interesting book. So even in the worst case scenario I will probably be able to produce incredible documentation about the ethical standards that reside in our system. However, I believe I will get incredible results, results that will prove how tremendous our system of government really is when it is accessed in the proper manner.

Regardless of what my results are, after five years time I will return the million dollars you shared with me back to you, hence the term "share a million". Your one million dollars ultimately returns to you, you are just sharing it with me for 5 years, and then you get your one million dollars back.

Or, you could give your money to Bernie Madoff. Sadly, since I started this website, the entire world has lost anywhere from 30-50% of their wealth. That would not have happened with Shareamillion.

  Future Goals.

If my vision comes true, after five years time millions of dollars will have been returned to the American consumer from unscrupulous financial programs such as Credit Protector. I visualize the savings being well beyond tens of millions of dollars but one never really knows what kind of an impact they can really have.

I have told only a select few people about my idea, most of them are not millionaires. The reaction I get is interesting. At first some smirk broadly when I state that I am looking for one million dollars for five years. If they don't close their mind at this point and I can explain that I will give the entire million dollars back after four years time, some still act as if I am actually asking to keep the one million dollars. Thankfully, some will pause and reflect for a moment. They then realize my idea is extremely unique and that gets them to thinking about it in a more serious way. These are the types of people who I hope will forward my website link to anyone else who they think would be interested in helping me achieve my goals.

A book written in 1996 outlines the idea of sharing money with a cause, then the cause gvies back the same amount of money that was loaned after a certain amount of time.

Too give you an idea about myself, please refer back to either the first page ShareAmillion - Who Am I?, or the last page, ShareAmillion - About Me.

I am putting several safeguards in place to make sure that your one million dollars stays safe. I will not invest the million dollars in any personal ventures or ventures of people that I personally know. The million dollars will not be used to purchase clothing, automobiles, (or even one automobile) vacations, dating, vanity, food or for relatives or family or pets. I have never taken drugs nor have I desired to take drugs, although I did discover my distaste for cigarettes at the age of five.