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Can the United States be both free and at it's best when a significant portion of the population struggles to meet their financial obligations every month? Did you observe the confusion many Americans have felt recently when recall after recall of Chinese products were announced, many of them months apart, "Doesn't anybody care about me enough to not sell me poisonous toys and pet food?" many in this country wondered.

Our government stated that we show our power by not buying these products. I guess that means that after being exposed to all kinds of poisons, it's how we react to the exposure that matters. Maybe I am on the right track then. It's how we all react to financial abuse handed down from authority that matters. So lets react and do something.

We live in an age where the political elite tend to avoid questioning the motives of others unless they believe there is a groundswell of support. At the moment it appears that many in this country are concerned at how the financial institutions raise interest rates as a solution to all problems rather than help the masses pay off their debt. Raising the interest rate on a customer that is having trouble paying down their debt DOES NOT help anyone, including the bank.

  Who can help?

What kinds of people might have the moxy to help me out? Candidates include sports celebrities or the wall street fund managers that make incredible amounts of millions on yearly basis. Perhaps a celebrity that either wants to make a difference or help untarnish a reputation is another possibility.

It sounds like what I'm asking for is a lot, and it is, yet from my point of view, the amazing things that will result and the fact that the entire one million dollar loan is being returned to the donor in five years time makes my request for a one million dollar, interest free, five year loan a no brainer.

If you read my first page bio you will see that I have arrived where I have in my life by immersing myself first in my college life and campus activities including creating and running a film and video production club. Then I worked as an employee and freelancer in the film and video industry for five years, then self employment as a video editor and camera person. I have always reinvested my business earnings back into my business and that is what has given me my life experiences. What I'm asking for now is inextricably intermixed with my past and they are inseparable.

One person asked me if I would accept the equivalent of the yearly interest rate on a million dollars for five years.
That is a great question.

I would, however I don't want to have to abandon what I start because my source of income suddenly disappears after the first installment. If someone offered me me a lump sum, I assume the government would step in and take quite a large chunk in the first year. If someone actually gave me 400,000 knowing that after taxes I might end up with 200,000, divided by four equals 50,000 a year. It seems like that is not a very good deal when if they made available a million dollars they would actually get the entire million dollars back four years later.

If someone wanted to offer me a yearly income instead, what is to guarantee an uninterrupted payment? Once I start this process, I will eventually be handling several claims covering several different causes. The sample missions I cited on pages two through four of this website are just the tip of the iceberg and in no way reflect the amount of work it is going to take to make positive change happen.

In the meantime, I have already started what I call, "sensible crusades to stop insensitive behavior", Please join my Credit Card Protest at