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I believe it is a mistake to think only one political side can "make a difference". The moment one political party starts to do anything that can be construed as positive by society, the opposing side will either try and claim it was their idea first or they will obstruct progress if they feel they are not getting a significant portion of the credit.

I believe americans should recognize that it's our political leaders who are plugging their fingers in the proverbial dike so the rest of us can have an opportunity to make a difference. Our politicans should not be viewed as lying, money pandering, thirsting for the spotlight individuals but rather they should be viewed as public heroes who are constantly scrutinized and viewed in a patronizingly negative way by those who disagree with the politician's viewpoints.

Rudy Giuliani, Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, George Bush, Barack Obama, John Edwards, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul, Bill Richardson, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Tom Tancredo, Chris Dodd, Mike Gravel, Bill Richardson, Sam Brownback, Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, Albert Gore, John Kerry, are all presidential candidates and heroes in their own way. They want to keep their finger in the dike long enough for the rest of us to figure things out and make things better than they are.

My goal is to try and help create more free time and less stress for fellow americans, and do it by using the rule of logical law. If I can find a mathematical mistake that siphons money at an obviously unfair rate from americans, then that mathematical mistake must be spotlighted and corrected. I believe I have found well over a dozen mathematical manipulations that have and continue to cause americans additional financial stress. Exposing these harmful programs may help bring about some financial relief from unfair financial programs and procedures.

If you believe that the Debt Creator fiasco I have outlined on page two of this website has merit feel free to leave a supporting quote that I can use on this page. email me at

If you likewise thought the Credit Card Interest Cap Proposal, Fix Local Laws and the Help a Vet ideas are good and plausible ideas, send me a comment of support and it might end up as a credited quote on my quotes page.

  Help a Vet.

It is hard for many of us to fathom going to war. Imagine what it must be like coming home from war in a wheelchair. Now imagine being shunned by society and the whole scenario seems surreal. If you want to make a difference in a veteran's life who must now use a wheelchair, here are a couple of ideas.

Your local television news station could hire Vets-on-Wheels. for camera work, especially for doing point of view shots. Many news stories could benefit from this type of camera work, best done from a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are used all the time to mimic dolly shots and "Point of View" shots in student films. These types of shots are considered high production value. Hiring a wheelchair bound vet for this kind of essential camera work, is useful, logical and essential camera work.

For those of you that want to become a play by play sports announcer, practice your craft at wheelchair basketball games. Audio tape your broadcasts and make them available to the wheelchair players who play their guts out on the court. If you want to shoot live sports events, combine your talent with the play by play announcers and videotape these wheelchair basketball games. Add in the play by play announcing and then broadcast the wheelchair games on your local cable TV channel and YouTube.

Finally, Vets-on-Wheels would probably make a logical hire for the communications department of a courier or delivery service company. Could you imagine Craigslist reserving a small space on their website for each and every city Craigslist covers so that Vets-on-Wheels could place a free listing. This idea was literally generated while I was creating This is an example of how my mind works and creates. I have emailed Craigslist foundation with this idea and have high hopes for it. In case you're wondering, I have no expectation of any financial compensation for this idea. If I am credited with coming up with the idea (which I did), that would be really amazing. So would a supporting quote from craigslist foundation. I hope that doesn't come off as greedy on my part.

If you would like to leave a quote as it pertains to, please email me at, My first step is to verify that the several example missions I have outlined on pages two through five of this website are solid ideas and worthy of taking to the next step. That is where you and your feedback and ability to share this link with others comes in. Hope to hear from you soon.

A War Film with a unique view about war and well worth seeing is "The Americanization of Emily". The Americanization of Emily poses the question, doe memorializing events related to war normalize war and make the next war that much easier to wage? A deeply philosophical question for sure.