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Whistleblower.com & Whistle-blower.com, both sites are owned but Inactive.

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Whenever strikes are waged in the United States, the union and business owners oppose each other but rarely if ever are the interests of the american consumer considered. I believe negotiations between labor and business would probably have benefited by having an actual consumer activist sitting at the bargaining table as well.

Example, General Motors does a commercial "tie in" to the movie Transformers. Even with gasoline prices skyrocketing out of control, the best that General Motors can do is to overpromote their behemoth cars. Would a consumer activist have advised doing a tie in to the movie Transformers and its muscle cars with the price of oil inching up to 100 dollars a barrel? GM just announced a 38 billion dollar loss in early November of 2007 and american automobile manufacturing takes another dive, it's as if the higher ups are doing it on purpose.

When I think of one word that aptly describes pointing out fraud and deception, I think of the word Whistleblower. When I go to Whistleblower.com, or Whistle-blower.com, what do I find? Nothing. That's right, both sites appear to have been locked up by their owners for a very long time. When I type up either URL, nothing comes up. This is the kind of shenanigan that should not be accepted by any consumer advocate. Has the freezing out of such a logical consumer advocacy URL website address been investigated? Probably not.

Do you begin to see how lethargic consumer advocacy in the United has become? Does it take me to point out the inappropriateness of Whistleblower.com and Whistle-blower.com not being functional or being used as a public service website? If I have opened your eyes via this website to what needs to be done and you have agreed with my examples of inefficiency that lead to unfair taking of wealth from americans, please help me do more. I have always admired consumer advocacy. Seeing Elliot Spitzer exposed as someone who would prosecute people behaving exactly as he himself had behaved just adds to the dilemma that the american consumer faces. There really is no one in their corner.

  The Beat goes on.

Do you remember Credit Protector, the "insurance program" that I refer to as Debt Creator? Would not the eradication and refunding of money from this one program alone be well worth the time I am willing to spend to right what I believe to be a very big wrong? Pass this website link onto someone you know, I thank you. I hope to get feedback from some of you regarding shareamillion.com. I would prefer feedback that also can double as a quote that would then go on this page.

If you have a statement of support you would like to make about the examples of waste and the unfair siphoning of money from americans that I have identified on pages two through five of this website, please email me at info@shareamillion.com A direct email link is located at the top left of every page on this website. You can be for my examples without commenting on my request for a one million dollar interest free loan. I would not want anyone to feel they would be responsible for any resulting transaction that could ensue. However, ideas are ideas, and if I have presented good ideas, please consider lending your name in that spirit.

Providing this link to others or sharing a quote with me will probably help shareamillion.com come to fruition, and I put my name and credibility on the belief that that would be a good thing.