Who Am I and what am I trying to Accomplish?

Hi, my name is Alessandro Machi and a couple of years ago I started this site, Share a Million, with the goal of being funded so that I could go ahead and do massive amounts of research, articles, and even bring forward lawsuits to protect the elderly against discriminatory practices.

I am pleased to announce that I have succeeded on all fronts. My ongoing research has resulted 1,200 articles over the past two years. I've also been able to continue forward with a lawsuit to protect the elderly against discriminatory practices, by living a frugal life using my own resources.

In the next few pages I will highlight the articles from the 1,200 that I am most proud of.

What you won't find on any of my more than 20 blogs and websites, are ads. I experimented with the concept of ads for a short while, but then realized for me to make any kind of livable income, I would literally have to have visitors to my sites buy well over a million dollars of products every year just to make a relatively meager amount of income.

So instead of putting ads on my sites, I'm looking for just a small handful of people that want to support independent thinking. My independent thinking.

  Independent Thinking.

I've come to discover that some of my favorite media news sources behaved in reprehensible ways during the 2008 democratic presidential primary. Some former heroes of mine, such as Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, and Oprah Winfrey, I now realize are frauds who put their personal business interests above and beyond what was the right thing to do for our country.

Ironically, I have actually been in close proximity to three of the four people I mentioned above, and because of that it took me much much longer to have to change my mind about them because I previously had a ton of respect for them.

But above and beyond Moore, Olbermann, Huffington, and Winfrey, I also discovered, and uncovered, horrible details about how Chase Bank has victimized over a million of their own loyal, never late paying customers.

I have also isolated rampant displays of media sexism and written about that. If you keep viewing this website, you will be exposed to articles, research, and conclusions that the mainstream media refuses to embrace, or at the very least, investigate.

However, the restructuring of this website will take until the end of April 2010 so if you have discovered this site before then, please check back.